Drawbridge, Hospital, and Railroad Crossing Signs

This section of the Florida Drivers Handbook includes photos of Florida road signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings and explains each of them.

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Florida Drivers Handbook — Drawbridge Signs and Signals

Ch. 4 Drawbridge Signs and Signals

Drawbridges are mechanical bridges over navigable waters that raise or turn to allow marine traffic to go under them. When they begin to move the roadway is closed to all traffic. Always use caution when driving or walking over a drawbridge.


These should be treated just like a regular traffic control signal.

Drawbridge Signal


  • Come to a complete stop at the marked stop line. The bridge is in operation and roadway is closed to all pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic.


  • Stop if you can. The bridge is just about to start operation. If you are not able to stop, continue with caution and watch for the traffic gates.


  • Go – watch out for pedestrians and other vehicles on the bridge.


Drawbridge Ahead

This is the first sign you see when approaching a drawbridge. This sign advises you to slow down and look for the DRAWBRIDGE SIGNAL. If the yellow light is flashing to indicate the drawbridge is in operation and the DRAWBRIDGE SIGNAL is red, prepare to stop.

Many drawbridges have gates with flashing red lights and bells. Stop when the lights begin to flash and before the gate lowers across your road lane. If the gates are down, the road is closed. It is against the law to drive around or under a crossing gate, either down or being opened or closed. Do not move forward until the gates are raised and the lights stop flashing.

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