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The Florida DMV publishes the Florida Drivers Handbook, Issues Drivers Licenses and Learners Permits, Approves all Traffic School Courses, Tracks your Drivers License History, and Administers Driving Tests. Below is in information from the Drivers Handbook relevant to 123Driving.com. You can download the complete drivers handbook.

  • Florida Drivers License

    • License Classifications
    • Learners Permit
    • Parental Consent
    • Drivers Education
    • DMV Appointments
    • Renewing Your License
  • Driving Privilege

    • License Suspensions
    • Point System
    • Drives License Restrictions
    • Florida DUI Penalties
    • Auto Insurance Laws
    • Auto Accidents
  • Driving in Florida

    • Defensive Driving
    • Seat Belts
    • Speed Limits
    • Sharing the Road
    • Making Turns / Passing
    • Parking
  • Traffic Signs and Signals

    • Traffic Signs / Signals
    • Traffic Rectangle Signs
    • Traffic Warning Signs
    • Rectangle Signs
    • Pavement Markings
    • Railroad Crossing Signs
  • Your Vehicle

    • Brakes
    • Bumper Height
    • Motorcycles
    • Bicycles
    • Mopeds
    • Licensing / Registration
  • Preparing To Drive - Coming Soon

    • Drowsy Driving
    • Road Rage
    • Distracted Driving
    • Drinking and Driving
    • Other Drugs and Driving
    • Senior Drivers

Florida Drivers Handbook Information

  • The Drivers Handbook is your best resource to prepare for: The Permit Test, The Road Test, and to learn all the rules and regulations of Driving in Florida. There is extensive information on Getting your drivers license in Florida.