Florida DMV Information

All aspects of your drivers license are centrally managed by the Florida DMV in Tallahassee. This includes the current status of your drivers license, how many points you have and tracking all incidents related to your Florida drivers license.

DMV Offices

Florida DMV offices are located through the state of Florida and provide services such as drivers license testing and auto registration. If you are getting a Florida drivers license or have a drivers license and need assistance the Florida DMV is where you should go.

Clerk of Court

The clerk of court in each Florida county manages the process of traffic ticket payment, case management, and traffic school.

Florida ID Requirements

When you Go to Get a Drivers License or ID in Florida you must supply certain Documents to prove your identity and that you are a resident of Florida. Below are the most common documents you would supply prove your Identity when getting a drivers License. For the complete list see ID Requirements on the Florida DMV.

DMV ID and Proof of Residency Requirements for US Citizens

  • Primary Identification — One of the following Certified Birth Certificate, Valid Passport
  • Secondary ID — Proof of Social Security Card, w2, Pay check, SSA-1099, Any 1099
  • Proof of Residency — Deed, Mortgage, Residential Rent or Lease Agreement, Voter Registration, Vehicle Registration or Title

DMV Online Services

Many of the services offered by the DMV are available online including making appointments, changing your address, checking the status of your drivers license and more.

Emergency Contact Information

All Florida Drivers should make sure their emergency contact information is accurately reported to the DMV.