Complete Florida Driving Record

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  • The most detailed driving record
  • Delivered to you Instantly by Email
  • Only Driving Record with Traffic School Elections
  • Includes Points Dismissed by Traffic School
  • Details on all traffic infractions
  • Official Record Direct from the DMV

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Complete Driving Record Details

The Complete Florida Driving Record includes the last 11 year of your driving history with details from Florida and other States.

Many employers will check the driving record of new employees.

The complete driving record is the best way to know the last time you elected traffic school.

7 Year Driving Record

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The 7 Year Driving Record is a good choice if you want to save a few dollars and don't need to know about past traffic school elections. The complete driving record is the only drivers license check that includes traffic school elections.

  • Delivered Immediately by Email
  • Official Record Direct from the DMV
  • Includes Infractions Settled by Court
  • Includes Driving Restrictions
  • Does not include points dismissed by traffic school

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3 Year Driving Record

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Your 3 year Florida driving record will include details of any infractions that have been adjudicated by the court. That means you were found guilty, not guilty, or your case was dismissed.

  • Delivered Immediately by Email
  • Includes Traffic Infractions
  • Includes Other Violations
  • Describes Restrictions on Your Drivers License
  • Does not include points dismissed by traffic school

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Florida Driving Records from the DMV

The Florida DMV maintains Driving Records for licensed drivers in the State of Florida. The easiest way to get a copy of your driving record is online from an approved DMV provider.

Questions about Florida Driving Records

What is included on a Complete Florida Driving Record?

The Complete Driving Record includes all traffic infractions and traffic tickets that occurred in Florida and Other States. Included are 11 years of records.

Will my personal information be on my driving record?

Your driving record will include your drivers license number but will not include your name, social security number or any other personal information. This is a state requirement to comply with the laws that protect your privacy.

How quickly will I get my driving record?

Driving records that we deliver online typically arrive via email in a few minutes.

What is the source of the Driving Records you provide?

Driving Records we provide come from the Florida DMV database, which is the same source used by Law Enforcement, Employers, and Insurance Companies.

Where can I get a Certified Copy of my Driving Record

To get a certified copy of your Florida Driving Record go to a local DMV office and pay the required fees or you can order a driving record by mail from the Florida DMV.