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Below is information to assist you with common questions you may have and challenges you may encounter. If you need assistance during regular business hours (8:30am to 5:30 pm) please call us at 888-272-1493. If it is after hours or on the weekend then use our contact form

Logging into Your Course

To login to your Course go to the Student Login Page — you will need the username and password you setup when you registered. If you forgot your username or password call us or use the contact form — please include your name, the email address you used to register and your order ID if you have it.

Getting Locked Out of Your Course — Security Questions

The Florida DMV requires that we confirm your identity as you complete our courses. For that reason you will answer Ten Security Questions about yourself when you start your course — only the person taking the course should answer the security questions — not a parent, wife or any other family member.

A security question may pop up on the screen as you progress through your course and you must answer it correctly. If you fail to answer a security question or answer 3 security questions incorrectly you will not be able to login to your course.

To Avoid Being Locked Out Anytime you need to take a break, logout.

Locked Out of Your Course If you get locked out of your course for failing to answer a security question please call us for assistance


You may or may not receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course. For those that do not provide a certificate, your information is transmitted electronically to the State of Florida as proof of your successful completion.

Traffic School Certificates are available via digital download, next day, and second day delivery.

  • Basic Driver Improvement — 4 Hour Course for Tickets — Certificate Download (PDF) provided
  • 8 Hour Traffic School — Paper certificates are provided.
  • 12 Hour ADI — You will receive your enrollment verification letter and certificate by regular mail
  • DATA Course, Permit Test — Your results will be electronically sent to the State of Florida upon successful completion of the course and/or exam.

Learners Permit, DATA Course, Drivers License

If I have a valid DL from another state, do I still need to take the DATA course?

No you do not have to take the DATA course if you have a Valid Drivers License from another US State. You can take your current license to a local DMV office, bring the necessary proof of residency documents (utility bill, Insurance policy, Rental Agreement) and exchange your drivers license for a Florida Drivers License.

Can I take the Permit Test online if I am 18 or older?

No The Florida DMV does not allow anyone 18 or older to take the Permit Test online. You will take your test at a local DMV office.

Can I take the Permit Test on 123Driving.com If I already completed the DATA course somewhere else?

Yes you can take the Permit Test on 123Driving.com regardless of where you took your DATA Course.

What Course to Take

If I have a Florida Drivers License and got a Traffic Ticket in another state will the Basic Driver Improvement Course help?

Unfortunately not, the other state will send the information to Florida and you will receive points on your Drivers License.

If I have a Drivers License from another state (not Florida) and get a ticket in Florida will the Basic Driver Improvement Course help?

Typically not, we recommend you contact the DMV for the State where you are licensed and ask if taking a Florida Traffic School Course will help you avoid points.