Florida Permit Test

Road Signs and Rules Test

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The Permit Test is 50 questions on the rules and regulations of driving in Florida and Road Signs. This test can be taken online by anyone under 18 getting their first drivers license in Florida.

  • All new Drivers must pass the Permit Test
  • You must be under 18 to take this test online.
  • We highly recommend you study as the DMV will charge for each online test taken
  • You must get 40 questions correct to pass
  • Completion information automatically transmitted to DMV
  • Florida DMV approved Statewide
  • A Parent or Guardian must provide a valid drivers license at the beginning of the Test

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Example Topics Covered in the Permit Test

  • DUI Laws, Zero Tolerance
  • What to do in an Accident
  • Sharing the Road with Pedestrians, Emergency Vehicles
  • Florida Car Insurance
  • Seat Belt Laws
  • Distracted Driving

Approved by the State of Florida in all 67 counties

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Permit Test Questions and Answers

Quick Facts about the Permit Test

  1. There are 50 questions on the permit test
  2. 40 of the questions are on Road Rules
  3. 10 of the questions are on Road Signs

-Permit Test questions and answers

The Permit Test is also called the DMV Test and the Knowledge Exam.