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Drug and Alcohol Test Details

DATA = Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness. All drivers getting a Florida Learners Permit or first drivers license in FL are required to take the DATA course.

This course is also known as TLSAE - Traffic Laws Substance Abuse Education. The DATA course is also known as the Drug and Alcohol Test. It is a 4 hour course with a 40 question test at the end.

This course teaches you how drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs and a variety of substances can effect your ability to drive safely.

Teenagers getting their learners permit can take the Drug and Alcohol Test starting at age 14 (we recommend 14 1/2).

Rules for Driving with a Learners Permit

Florida has restrictions on when you can drive with your Learners Permit and your Drivers License until you are 18 years old. Florida calls it Graduated Licensing.

Course details & FAQ

How to Get a Florida Drivers License

The DMV Test - also known as the Permit Test - must be passed by anyone getting their first drivers license in Florida.

Information about the Florida Permit Test:

  • Questions50 - Multiple Choice and True / False
  • Time Allowed 60 minutes (single session)
  • Passing Grade 40 correct or 80%

More Information

  • Start immediately
  • Results automatically transmitted to DMV
  • Save time at the DMV
  • Not available online to anyone 18 or older

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To pass the Permit Test you must get 40 questions correct out of 50. The Questions are drawn from a pool of approximately 800 so it is important to prepare. Our Study guide will teach you important driving laws and safe driving concepts and highlight the areas students typically struggle with.

  • Higher chance to pass DMV Test on first try
  • Covers all the subjects included in the DMV test
  • Highlights typically difficult areas

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Florida Learner's Permit

In Florida you can get your Learners Permit at age 15 and millions of teenagers get their permit every year. 123Driving.com provides the required DATA course (Drug and Alcohol Test) as well as the DMV written test you must complete. You can take the DATA course at age 14 and the DMV Test at age 14 1/2 and you can take them in any order.

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