Florida Defensive Driving Courses

DMV Florida Approved Defense Driving Course

Defensive Driving Courses

If you have a Florida Drivers License you may have to take a defensive driving course (also known as Traffic School) at some point. Below is a list of DMV Florida approved Defensive Driving Courses. Each course should be taken for a specific situation, which is explained.

Florida Online Traffic School

Speeding Tickets / Moving Violations

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The 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course is taken by drivers who get a speeding ticket or moving violation to avoid points on your Florida Drivers License. You must elect traffic school when you pay the fine to the Clerk of Court.

The 8-hour Intermediate Traffic School course is required when a judge requires you to take traffic school. It is commonly known as Judge Ordered Traffic School. This course can also be taken in certain Florida Counties such as Miami Dade County when a driver has already taken the 4 hour course in the last 12 months.

Drivers who get their Florida License suspended or revoked in many cases can get a Hardship License by taking the 12-hour Advance Driver Improvement course. In other cases a judge may order you to take the 12 Hour ADI course if you have 3 accidents in 3 years.

Mature Driver Course

Insurance Discount Course

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If you are 55 or older and have a Florida Drivers License you can save on your auto insurance by completing this course. Savings are up to 10% but will vary depending on your insurance company. It will take 6 hours to complete the course but the savings are good for 3 years.

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