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At we receive lots of questions every day. Below are recent questions from drivers all over Florida and other states.

Learners Permit Class - Does the Certificate and Waiver Expire

Question: If a teenager finishes a the Florida learners permit course online and does not get their license does the certificate expire after a certain amount of time?

Answer:The certificate for the DATA course does not expire.

Two Tickets What to Do?

Question: I recently was stopped on the Turnpike and got two tickets. One ticket was for speeding and the other as for a seatbelt violation. Can I take traffic school for both tickets?

Answer: No, you can only take a traffic school course for one Florida ticket. In your case you will want to take the class for the speeding ticket because it carries points if you do not. The seatbelt violation will not result in any points.

Be sure to pay your fines for both tickets within 30 days and inform the clerk of court that you are electing traffic school for the speeding ticket.

My Second Ticket this Year

Question: I took traffic school six months ago for a ticket. It was for running a red light in Orlando. This week I got another ticket for speeding. Can I take traffic school for the ticket I just got?

Answer: In this case the answer is it depends. The general rule is that you can only take a Florida traffic school course once every 12 months but in some of the larger Florida counties like Miami Dade and Broward you may be permitted to take traffic school a second time in a 12 month period.

In those larger counties you would be required to take an 8 Hour course for the second violation in a 12 month period. The easiest way to find out the policy for each county is on their Clerk of Court web page.

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