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Defensive Driving Adventures

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June 15, 2005 - XM Satellite Radio in Your Car

We recently got a new company vehicle that came with XM satellite radio and wow are we impressed. Imagine you live somewhere that has three decent AM stations and a handful of FM stations. If you spend anytime in the car, driving in traffic, then a good radio can turn boring and frustrating into enjoyable.

Cars on Sale

Our XM Satellite radio came in our new GM car. If you haven't heard GM is having a bit of a sale. For the month of June GM is giving the employee discount to everyone and anyone. The special pricing will save you a bundle. Just take delivery of your new GM car by July 5, 2005. Our new GM car included an XM satellite radio and the OnStar.

We have had Sirius satellite in on of our trucks and our office for a year and have become accustom to having our choice of music, news, weather, sports, and entertainment. No matter where you are you always get the same excellent quality. XM delivers the same top notch quality and offers even more programming. In addition to the built-in XM satellite radio we also purchased the Delphi Personal XM satellite radio called the MyFi. The MyFi is the first handheld satellite radio we are aware of.

Satellite Radio Anywhere

Included with the Delphi MiFi are antennas for your house/office, car, and even a personal antenna. The unit is platinum colored and looks like a high powered MP3 player. It even includes the ability to record five hours of programming. Now you can have your XM satellite radio anywhere at anytime. The only problem is that everyone wants it - we may need a few more.

OnStar Rocks

GM cars with OnStar - this is a really good idea. The basic OnStar subscription lets us call for help with the touch of a button if we need it. And OnStar detects certain events like your Airbag deploying and will automatically send help. We really like the built in cell phone. It's the first hands free car setup we have tested that really, really works. You just say dial and the number. And the person you are talking to can actually here you crystal clear. If the employee discount isn't enough to get you down to your local GM dealer, the OnStar setup might just get you there.

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