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How to do Traffic School in Florida

So you got a ticket. If your first reaction is what should I do read on. We put together this easy step-by-step guide to walk you through "How to Do Traffic School in Florida"

Note: This is a general guide for working with the County Clerks in Florida to take traffic school. We are adding guides for each county so check our list.

Step-by_Step Instructions

Benefits of Traffic School

There are four benefits to taking traffic school:

  1. Points will not be recorded on your license
  2. Keep your safe driver status (if applicable)
  3. By not getting points your insurance should not go up

Note: These four benefits apply to non-criminal traffic infractions such as speeding and other tickets. You may be required to take traffic school in other situations to keep your license.

Before we get started let's make sure you are eligible - that you can do traffic school based on the State of Florida rules.

Are you Eligible?

You are eligible if:

  1. You have NOT elected to attend a traffic school course in the past twelve (12) months, or five (5) times in your lifetime.
  2. You have a valid Florida Drivers License

Out of State License Holders:

You should contact the Department of Highway Safety in your state before signing up for traffic school to verify that the withholding of points will be honored in your state.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Complete Traffic School

  1. Write down your Citation (ticket) number or make a copy of your ticket

  2. Within 30 days of recieving your ticket - Pay your Reduced Fine and inform the Clerk of Court that you intend to take traffic school.

Include your citation number on your check or mail in your ticket (Some counties want the yellow original).

To "Inform" the clerk you typically:

  • Include a form indicating you are electing to take traffic school
  • Pay your fine

Confused? Read Notes Below.

Form - most clerks of court (click here for a list) have a form called an "Affidavit" on their website in the forms section that you use to inform the clerk.

If you cannot find the form call the clerk of the court to confirm their procedure.

  • Sign up for the Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course
  • Go to www.123driving.com on the Internet or call 1-888-272-1493 and sign up for the "Basic Driver Improvement" course. The course is all online and can be done on your schedule.

  • Complete Your Traffic School Course
  • You can take your time and complete the Traffic School in chapters (come and go). You have 60 or 90 days to complete your traffic school course depending on your county - check with the clerk to confirm.

  • Get your Certificate

  • When you complete your course you decided how to receive your traffic school certificate.

    The options are as follows:
    First Class Mail - Free
    Email - $9.95
    UPS Overnight or 2nd day - price determined by your location
    We will automatically mail your FL traffic school certificate to you.

  • Make a copy of your Traffic School Certificate

  • Mail or Drop off Certificate to the Clerk of the Court
  • Note: You have from 60 to 90 days (depending on the county) from the date of your election to take traffic school to send in the certificate. Also, some counties allow you to fax in your certificate. See our list of guides for each county


  • Drive safe

  • Questions? Email us at help@123driving.com or call 1-888-272-1493.

    Disclaimer: The Florida Drivers Association is not associated with the state of Florida or any Count Clerk of Court and recommends you contact the Clerk of Court office directly to confirm all information presented here.