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Traffic school is fairly simple but just in case you need help this is the place. Here we walk you through exactly which traffic school course to take and how you will move through our courses. we also explain the many terms associated with traffic school.

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We start with the basics.

If you receive a speeding ticket or moving violation in the state of Florida you typically have three choices. The Police Officer, Sheriff, or State Trooper will usually provide you with a sheet of paper with your options.

  1. Pay the fine and accept the points on your license.
  2. Fight it in court and hope you win.
  3. Complete a traffic school course and get no points - we can help

Not in Florida? Many other states allow you to take a traffic school or defensive driving course.

For a ticket in Florida you will take the Florida Basic Driver Improvement course - traffic school for a ticket.

Here is how it works - in a perfect world:

  1. The officer writes you a ticket - if you can skip this step stop now
  2. The officer turns your ticket into the county clerks office where you received the ticket
  3. The county clerk enters the information into their system and "opens your case"
  4. You pay your fine within 30 days and inform the county clerk you are electing traffic school
  5. The clerk receives your payment and updates your case as paid, traffic school elected
  6. You register for Florida traffic school
  7. You complete the course
  8. We mail your certificate to you first class mail from Orlando
  9. You deliver your traffic school certificate (via mail, fax, or in person) to the county clerk
  10. The clerk receives your certificate, closes your case, assigns no points on your license
  11. You try to forget about the entire experience

For more help we have “How Traffic School Works” and “How to Complete Traffic School

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