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4 Hour Court Ordered Traffic School Signup (TCAC)

Intermediate Driver Improvement 8-hour course

Most drivers who take traffic school do by choice - read Florida Traffic Ticket for details on voluntary traffic school. But in some cases you may be ordered by the court or a judge to complete a Florida traffic school course. This article pertains to 4-Hour court ordered traffic school also known as TCAC. We also have an 8-Hour court ordered traffic school course known as intermediate driver improvement.

The most common reasons we hear from our students for court ordered traffic school are:

  1. Fighting a ticket in court and losing
  2. Excessive tickets in a short period
  3. Causing an accident with damages over a certain amount

Four Hour Court Ordered Traffic School

Regardless of the cause, if you are ordered to take a traffic school course you will usually receive a letter. The most common court ordered course is called TCAC, which stands for traffic collision avoidance course. This is a four hour course that can be completed from home online or on video. You can complete this Florida traffic school course on your schedule - a little at a time. It is approved statewide.

Traffic School Registration

When registering for your court ordered traffic school course you will check the TCAC box . This indicates the course was court ordered. Upon completion of your course we will send you a certificate that you must send in to the court that ordered you to take the course. Note that the court will give you a deadline and it is best not to wait until the last minute. When you're done with the course we will offer you several options for certificate delivery. If you have less than 10 days to get your certificate to the court we suggest selecting an expedite option.

All our traffic school courses are easy and straightforward - yet the state confirms that courses like ours do make you a safer driver. To complete the course you will read seven chapters and complete a quick after each chapter. At the end of the traffic school course you will take a 40 question test. Note that the test is multiple choice and you can take it as many times as necessary. But if you pay attention and read the questions carefull you should pass it the first time

If you have been ordered to take a traffic school course it is highly recommended that you complete it by your assigned deadline.

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