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Traffic School Questions and Answers

Before we address the common questions here are few facts to assist you.

Paying Your Fine

When you get a traffic ticket in Florida you pay your fine to the county clerk in the county where you received your ticket.

Fine Amounts

If you decided to take traffic school ("elect traffic school") you will pay a different fine amount. Many times the fine is smaller. The larger your original fine amount the bigger the difference when you elect traffic school.

Some law enforcement - Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and Local Police - will give you a list of fine amounts and many Florida counties have the fines listed on their websites.

Questions and Answers

How long do I have to pay my ticket?

Almost every county in Florida gives you 30 days to pay your fine and inform the court that you are electing traffic school.

How do I inform the court that I am electing traffic school?

Each county has their own process - these are the most common.

Pay the specific traffic school fine amount. Most of the bigger counties have online payment systems and by paying the fine amount for traffic school alerts the county that you are electing traffic school.

Some smaller counties require that you complete an affidavit and get it notarized.

Many counties give you an envelope to mail your payment in and that envelope contains a place to check a box indicating if you are taking traffic school.

How long do I have to complete my traffic school course?

Every Florida county has their own schedule but they all give you at least 30 days from the day you pay your fine to complete your course and get the certificate to the county clerk.

Do I have to send my certificate into the county clerk?

Yes. The counties expect the student to send in a copy of their traffic school certificate.

Where do I send my certificate?

To the traffic department of the county clerks office in the county where you received your ticket.

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