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Executive Summary of Florida Drivers Association Traffic School

Florida DMV Approved, 100% online, come and go, certificate by email available.

Florida Traffic School Details

Drivers in Florida have it good when compared with many other states. The state of Florida Traffic School rules allow a driver to complete a traffic school course five times in their life and up once every twelve months. This is a great way to avoid getting points on your license for a ticket and protect your insurance.

By completing a Florida traffic school course you get several benefits. No points on your license is the most important to drivers. But you also protect your auto insurance rates which can skyrocket as a result of a ticket.

Fines for Florida Traffic Tickets

Every county determines the fines for speeding tickets and other moving violations. And every county expects you to pay your fine within 30 days. If you miss the 30 day deadline you will pay more. Once you pay your fine you have at least another 30 days (more in most counties) to complete your traffic school class and get the certificate to the clerk of the court. Most Florida counties list their fines on their websites.

Sample of traffic fines - in this case from Dade County.

MPH Over LimitTraffic SchoolNo Traffic School
6 to 9 MPH$80.50$82.50
10 to 14 MPH$143.50$155.50
15 to 19 MPH$164.50$180.50
20 to 29 MPH$184.50$205.50
30 MPH & Over$266.50$305.50

If you do not Pay Your Fine within 30 Days it goes up from 10 to 20 Percent

How Florida Traffic School Works

Our online courses are broken down into chapters. Each chapter has a minimum amount of time you must spend before you can move onto the next chapter. This is how the system guarantees you spend the required four hours. A timer tells you when the chapter is complete. Remember that you do not have to complete your Florida Traffic School course all at once. You can come and go on your schedule.

The ultimate goal when taking our Florida Traffic School course is to get your certificate. The certificate is your proof that you completed the course. We recognize that many students are pressed for time. Therefore we will mail your traffic school certificate within one business day.

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