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Please read the tips below in many cases you will be able to solve your challenge. If you still cannot fix your problem Please call our support line at 800-732-4135.

Citation Number for Registration

I am trying to register but do not have my citation number

Enter “need number” for your citation number and complete your registration. Contact the county clerk where you received your ticket and get your citation number. Before you complete your traffic school course, send us your ciation number via email (info @ or call us at 888-272-1493

Traffic School Certificate

I completed my traffic school course a few weeks ago and still have not received my certificate.

Call 1-800-771-2255 and explain your situation, our staff will assist you

Moving through the Course

I am trying to proceed to the next module and cannot

Make sure your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc) is maximized. In the top right corner of your browser you will see three buttons. Click on the button highlighted in the image below. If you continue to have issues, logout, close your browser, reopen your browser and log back in. Make sure your browser is maximized.

browser buttons

Click the Maximize button

Taking a Quiz

I am taking the quiz but when I click on answers nothing happens.

Some virus protection software such as McAfee or Norton, or Pop-up blockers prevent the quiz from functioning. Disable your virus software or pop-up blocker. Refresh (reload the page) in your browser and all should function.

Be sure to enable your virus software or pop-up blocker when you have completed the course.

Print the Traffic School Certificate

I am trying to print my traffic school certificate but it does look right (cannot be read)

Open your traffic school certificate in adobe acrobat.

Select "Print Setup"

Change the Orientation to "Landscape"

Select "OK"

Print the certificate.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can Download it Here