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Oct 29 , 2005 - Lee and Collier County Roads Overcrowded

Florida is growing rapidly. The numbers range from 5,000 to 6,000 people that move to Florida each week. The first question that comes to mind is where are all these people coming from? But that's a different discussion. Our focus is the impact on Florida drivers, roads, and traffic. In many areas the crowded roads are quickly becoming congested to the point of overload. One such area is the south west area encompassing Lee County and Collier county.

I75 is scheduled to be widened from four to six lanes in both Lee county and Collier county - that's the Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers area. Six lanes - that's a lot of traffic. Aside from the stress of driving in LA style traffic the residents of the area have to pay for the road construction. The current plan is to introduce tolls. So not only will you be sitting in traffic, you will be paying for it. Here's an idea - make those bringing all the cars to Florida pay for the roads needed to accommodate them.

Let Cars Pay for Roads

In the early 1990's California charged an impact fee for every car you brought into the state. The thinking was that if you bought the car in California you would have paid sales tax. The impact fee was the state's way charging you to drive on their roads. Unfortunately, California messed up and had to give the money back to everyone - something about their constitution. But Florida could get it right.

If you want to bring a car into Florida and clog up the roads you should pay a fee to help expand the roads. That's not asking too much considering we don't have an income tax or a good weather tax.

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