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If you drive in Miami you know about traffic. Whether you are on US1, I95, or your neighborhood the amount of cars can make driving in Miami tough and Miami Dade county writes a lot of traffic tickets. So when you get a speeding ticket or moving viloation in Miami what should you do?

The easiest solution is to complete an online traffic school course. For a ticket in Florida the course is called Basic Driver Improvement.

Miami Dade County Update You may be able to elect 8 hour traffic school for a second ticket in a 12 month period.

Florida Traffic School $27.39

Avoid points for a Florida traffic ticket (online traffic school)
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Learners Permit (first time driver) $29.95

4-Hour Drug & Alcohol (DATA) course
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DMV Test Online (first time drivers) $24.95

DMV test to get your driver's license - Test Information...
Available only to students who complete the DATA course on this site (Florida DMV rules)

Florida 8 Hour Traffic School $60

8 Hour Traffic School - intermediate driver improvement course
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Florida Driving Record $14.95

Get your Florida DMV driving record instantly
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Florida 12 Hour Traffic School (ADI) $99

12 Hour Traffic School (ADI) Now 100% Online
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Miami Online Traffic School Information

Traffic School Guide for Miami

Our courses are approved by the Florida DMV in all Florida counties. Read our guide for working with the the Miami Dade County Clerk of Court.

In Miami taking an online driving course is the quickest and easiest way to avoid points for a traffic ticket.

Remember that you pay your fine and send your traffic school certificate to the Miami Dade County clerk of court or the county where you received your traffic ticket.

More Questions - go to our florida traffic school help page

Miami Dade County Clerk of Court website.

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