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The Clerk of Court in Miami Dade Count now allows drivers who paid their traffic ticket and did not elect traffic school to change their mind within 30 days of the ticket payment date and elect traffic school. They also allow drivers to complete an 8 hour traffic school course if they’ve already taken a 4 hour course in the last 12 months to avoid points added to their drivers license.

Course Signup Shortcuts

4 hour Traffic School    8 hour Traffic School

  • Note: 4 hour course (basic driver improvement) is for traffic tickets and can be taken once in a 12 month period
  • Note: 8 hour course (intermediate driver improvement)is for a second ticket in a 12 month period or if you were orderd by the court to complete 8 hour traffic school.

Benefits of a Florida DMV Approved Online Traffic School

Moving violations that can add points to your license include speeding tickets, careless driving, failure to stop at a stop sign, running a red light, and others related citations.

Some of the benefits drivers receive for completing traffic school include:

  • Adjudication of guilt is withheld (this means no record of conviction
  • No points are added against your driving record
  • You may keep your insurance rates from increasing

Traffic school not only keeps points from being added to your license but it also helps in possible suspension of a license. If you receive 12 points in 12 months your drivers license will get suspended.

Request for Traffic School Option

To switch to a traffic school option, the driver must enclose a written statement requesting the change from paying the full fine (results in points) to traffic school election and mail it to 1351 N.W. 12th Street, Room 124, Miami, FL 33125. The request must be received within 30 days from the date of the first payment. Note: This does not apply to cases that were already ruled on in court.

4 Hour or 8 Hour Traffic School

In the state of Florida you are eligible to elect a 4-hour defensive driver course once every 12 months with a maximum of 5 times in a lifetime. In Miami Dade if you have already completed a four hour course within the last 12 months, you can take an 8 hour intermediate traffic school course to avoid points added to your drivers license. The 8 hour traffic school course is available online (it is not the aggressive 8 hour classroom course.)

Child Restraint Violation

If you no longer qualify for the Child Restraint Offender’s Program (C.R.O.P.) then you can avoid points on your drivers license by attending a 4 hour traffic school course or an 8 hour traffic school course. The course must be completed for child restraint violation within 60 days. The 8 hour applies if you’ve already completed a 4 hour defensive driving course in the last 12 months.

CROP is a 90-minute program designed for drivers who have been charged with a child restraint violation and can only be elected once in a lifetime. This program is held at Miami Children's Hospital, 3100 S.W. 62 Avenue, Miami, FL 33155. You can register by calling the hospital at (305) 663-6865.

Deadline for Traffic School

When you receive a ticket, you must pay it within the first 30 days and inform them you will be attending traffic school. For moving violation tickets, you have 120 days from the date of paying your ticket to complete the 4 hour or 8 hour traffic school course. If you elect traffic school due to a child restraint violation (and are not eligible for CROP), then you have 60 days to complete the 4 hour or 8 hour traffic school course.

If you do not pay your tickets or do not complete traffic school within the deadline, your license will be suspended.

Remember that you pay your fine and send your traffic school certificate to the Miami Dade County clerk of court or the county where you received your traffic ticket.

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Miami Dade County Clerk of Court website.

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