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If you are getting your Florida learners permit or your First Drivers License as an adult you must take the Florida DATA course. DATA = Drugs, Alcohol, Traffic Awareness. All drivers getting their first drivers license in Florida are required to take this course.

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$29.95 is your cost for the DATA course - complete your learners permit course and your completion information is automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV. Paper certificates are not accepted by the DMV for the DATA certificate.

Florida Traffic School Benefits

  • Start Immediately (available 24x7)
  • Finish the course all at once or take your time (come and go)
  • Retake the test until you pass at no charge
  • Automatic (electronic) transmission of completion to DMV

Course Details Florida Learners Permit/First Time Driver (DATA) - $29.95

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Are you getting your learners permit or first driver's license? This course is for you.

DATA = Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness. All first time drivers in Florida are required to take the DATA course.

NOTE: Once your complete your DATA course our system will offer you the option of taking the DMV test 100% online for $28.95.

The DATA course will teach you:

  • How Alcohol and Drugs affect your driving
  • Laws and Responsibilities
  • Safe Driving Techniques

Note: The D.A.T.A. course is the same as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education.

How does this Work? Read Learners Permit and DMV Test - How it Works

$29.95 is your total cost for the DATA course. When you complete your learner permit traffic school course your information is automatically transmitted to the State of Florida.

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Common Questions about the Florida Learners Permit course

Is your Florida Learners Permit (first time driver) course approved by the state of Florida?

Yes, our learner permit course like all of our traffic school courses is approved in all Florida counties.

Will I get a certificate for my Florida learners permit course?

No, the Florida DMV does not accept paper certificates for the is course. In the past paper certificates were used but today all completions are electronically transmitted to the DMV.

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