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You can take your required Florida Learner Permit DATA course here on www.123driving.com. You can also take your DMV exam which will save you hours at the DMV.

Learners Permit Quick Links:

Signup for Learners Permit course DATA - required by the State

DMV exam Online - save hours at the DMV

Florida's graduated licensing approach allows you to get your learners permit when you turn 15. This page addresses the most common questions and answers associated with getting a Florida Learners Permit

Who is required to get a Learners Permit?

Anyone under 18 years old who wants to get a Florida drivers license.


If you are under 18 you must keep your learners permit for 1 year before getting your operators license.

If you are over 18 you can get your operators license immediately after taking the required Learners Permit DATA course and DMV exam.

What are the steps for getting my Learners Permit?

  1. Step 1 is to take the required Learners Permit DATA Course.
  2. You can take the DATA course when you are 14 1/2 or older.
  3. Step 2 is to take the DMV written Exam - when you are 15 or older.
  4. You can take the DMV exam online here.
  5. Step 3 is to go to your local DMV office, take your vision test and get your picture taken.
  6. All our courses are approved statewide by the State of Florida.

If I took my learners permit course on another website can I take the DMV exam on 123driving.com?

No, The online DMV exam can only be offered to students who take their learner permit course on our system.

Many students take their learners permit course over on our system so they can take the DMV exam online. The reality is that if you live in a busy Florida city you will get your learners permit quicker by taking the DMV exam online even if that means repeating the DATA course.

Can I drive alone with my Learners Permit

No, Florida requires that drivers with a Learners Permit always have a licensed driver 21 or older with them. There are no exceptions for school, work or anything else.

How does the Learner Permit course work

The coure is a total of four hours and broken down into 7 chapters.

Each chapter has a required amount of time you must spend before proceeding.

You can logout at any time and the learner permit course will save your time.

At the end of the learners permit course there is a 40 question test.

You must get 32 answers correct to complete the course.

You can take learners permit test over free as many times as necessary.

How do I get my certificate for the Learner Permit DATA course

When you finish your Learner Permit course our system will ask you if you want to take the DMV Exam. You must be 15 years old to take the DMV exam. You can take the DMV exam anytime after midnight on your 15th birthday.

You will be given three (3) Choices as follows:

  1. No, I do not Want to take the DMV Exam
  2. Yes, I Want to take the DMV Exam Now
  3. Yes, I Want to take the DMV Exam Later

Your answer to the question "Do you Want to take the DMV exam online" will determine when your certificate is mailed.

If you answer No, we will mail your DATA certificate within one business day

If you answer Yes (2 or 3) we will delay mailing your certificate for three (3) days. The assumption is that you will take your DMV Exam within three days and we can send you one certificate with both your DATA course and DMV exam information.

If after three days you have not taken the DMV exam we will automatically mail your certificate from our Orlando office.

Expedite Your Certificate

When you complete your Learners Permit DATA course you will be offered several expedite options including email delivery and options for UPS delivery. Remember that we will send your certificate via regular mail for no charge from our Orlando office.

Go to the DMV to get your Learners Permit

You must be at least 15 year old to get your Learners Permit. Be sure to bring your learner permit certificate, your birth certificate and a second form of ID. For more information on getting your learners permit see the Learners Permit page.

Don't forget the free DMV practice tests available on www.highschooldriver.com. Take our free DMV Practice Test for Road Rules and for Road Signs.

Zero Tolerance

Any driver under 21 with a blood alcohol level of .02% or more will immediately have their drivers license suspended for six months. Translation - there is not amount of acohol that is safe. Don't drink (even a drop) and drive.