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You can take your required Florida Learner Permit DATA course here on www.123driving.com. You can also take your DMV exam which will save you hours at the DMV.

Learners Permit Quick Links:

Signup for Learners Permit course DATA - required by the State

DMV exam Online - save hours at the DMV

When you turn 15 years old in Florida you qualify for your learners permit. If you are under 18 Florida requires that you keep your learners permit for a full year. That means that if you get your learners permit three months after your 15th birthday you must wait until 3 months after your 16th birthday to get your operators license.

Learners Permit Requirements

You must practice driving for 50 hours in daylight and 10 hours at night with your Learners Permit

You must have a licensed driver that is 21 or older in the front seat of the car at all times.

With your Learners Permit you can only drive during the day for the first three months.

Learners Permit Courses (DATA and DMV Exam)

You must complete our DATA (Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course.

You must pass the 40 question DMV exam.

To make sure you Pass your DMV Exam the First Time We offer Pass the First Time - created by former DMV Examiners.

All our courses are approved statewide by the State of Florida

Studying for your DMV Exam

Before you take your DMV exam for your learners permit you need to study road signs and road rules. The 40 question exam will test your knowledge with 20 questions on road signs and 20 questions on road rules. Either Read your florida drivers manual and or take our Pass the First Time program. It will save you extra trips to the DMV and is only $14.95.

When you finish your Learner Permit course (DATA ccourse) our system will ask you if you want to take our "Pass the First Time" Program" - you can always log back in with your DATA course Username and Password to start the Pass The First Time Program.

When you complete your DATA course and pass the test at the end of course we automatically transmit your completion information to the Florida DMV.

You can also request that a certificate be mailed to you at no charge or get it via email for $9.95.

Go to the DMV to get your Learners Permit

You must be at least 15 year old to get your Learners Permit. Be sure to bring your learner permit certificate, your birth certificate and a second form of ID. For more information on getting your learners permit see the Learners Permit page.