How to Get a Hardship License for Habitual Offenders

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The Florida DMV will suspend a drivers license if you are found to be a habitual traffic offender. The DMV is estimating that more than 23,000 Florida drivers will fall into this category of license suspensions. A habitual traffic offender is typically someone who repeatedly shows negligence for adhering to Florida road rules.

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Too Many Traffic Tickets

If a Florida driver gets 15 traffic convictions with points within a 5 year period, their drivers license can be suspended. You will be able to drive to and from work if you apply for a Florida hardship license by enrolling in the 12 hour ADI (advanced driver improvement) course.

Too Many Convictions

Note: Habitual traffic offenders that are not DUI related offenses can apply for a Florida hardship license.

If you receive three (3) or more convictions of serious offenses on separate occasions you will be deemed a habitual offender. Examples of serious traffic offense include voluntary manslaughter while driving, involuntary manslaughter while driving, felony while driving. Other serious traffic offenses include not stopping at an accident with a personal injury or death, or driving with a suspended or revoked license. Three convictions of these offenses and you will be considered a habitual traffic offender.

Court Ordered

Florida drivers may be required to take the 12 hour ADI (advanced driver improvement course) if a judge or court orders them. If a driver fails to comply with a court summons or fine, the court can authorize a license suspension. Or, if a judge determines a driver is negligent or habitual, a 12 hour course may be required to get your Florida drivers license reinstated.

How to Get a Hardship License

To apply for a Florida hardship license, you must first register and enroll in a 12 hour ADI course. You can immediately receive a receipt or enrollment form by registering online. Once you enroll, take your receipt to a local drivers license and fill out the application for a hardship license.

If your application is acceptable, at this time you will be issued a hardship license which allows you to drive to and from work. You’ll be required to complete the 12 hour course by a deadline (typically 90 days) in order to get your license reinstated.

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