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Fort Lauderdale is located in Southeast Florida in Broward County. According to the US Census Bureau in 2004, the city of Fort Lauderdale had a population of 164,578. The city of Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County.

The sub-tropical weather, its beautiful beaches and waterways make Fort Lauderdale a highly populated area with tourism and businesses. Fort Lauderdale's major roads and highways are patrolled by the Florida Highway Patrol, Broward County Sheriffs, and Local Police. Broward County courts are extremely busy and can be hard on drivers that dispute traffic tickets with no justification.

If you get a speeding ticket or moving violation in Fort Lauderdale what should you do? The easiest solution is to take an online traffic school class called Basic Driver Improvement.

Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course - $27.39

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If you received a traffic ticket in Florida then this course is for you. The 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI & TCAC) Florida traffic school course makes you eligible for:

  • No points on your drivers license for the current violation
  • No auto insurance increase as a result of violation
  • This course is also known as DDS (Defensive Driving School)

How does this work? Read "How Traffic School Works"

Approved by the State of Florida in all 67 counties - more details

$27.39 is your total cost - complete your course and select how to receive your certificate. First class mail is no charge or elect to get it via email for $9.95. Emails typically arrive within a few minutes but allow up to 2 hours.

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Florida Traffic School Classes

All courses are approved by the Florida DMV in all Florida counties.

Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course - $27.39

For speeding tickets, moving violations, and other civil traffic violations that will result in points on your drivers license.

Florida Learners Permit | First Time Driver (DATA) - $29.95

Required class to get your learner permit or first drivers license as an adult in Florida

DMV Test Online for Learners Permit - $24.95

The 40 question test required to get your drivers license or leaner permit

Florida 8 Hour Traffic School - $60

Florida court or judge to take an 8-hour driver improvement/defensive driving course. Also for drivers in certain counties that allow 8 hour traffic school to be taken for a second infraction in the same 12 month period.

Insurance Discount for Drivers Over 55 _ $14.95

Drivers over 55 that take this course are entitled by Florida law to get a 10 percent reduction on their auto insurance for 3 years.

Florida Drivers License Record

Get a copy of your Florida driving record - 3 year, 7 year or full driving history.

12 Hour (ADI) Traffic School - $99

Take your ADI - 12 hour traffic school all online. No class room required.

Fort Lauderdale Online Traffic School Information

Traffic School Guide for Fort Lauderdale

Our courses are approved by the Florida DMV in all Florida counties. Read our guide for working with the the Broward County Clerk of Court.

Taking an online driving course is the quickest and easiest way to avoid points for a traffic ticket.

Remember that you pay your fine and send your traffic school certificate to the Broward County clerk of court or the county where you received your traffic ticket.

More Questions - go to our florida traffic school help page

Broward County Clerk of Court website.