Florida Traffic Ticket Report Card 2004

There were more than 4 million (4,418,401) traffic tickets issued in the State of Florida in 2004. That is an increase of 1 percent from 2003 when there were 4,361,619

City Police departments issued 44 percent of all tickets, followed by Florida Sheriffs that issued 34 percent and the Florida Highway Patrol that issued 20 percent.

The most common traffic violation was speeding, which accounted for 1,125,429 traffic tickets. Following is a summary of major traffic violations statewide.

  • Speeding Tickets    1,125,429
  • Running a Red Light    332,994
  • Careless Driving    228,107
  • Failure to Yield    161,459
  • Running A Stop Sign    101,365

Traffic School Option

Only about 10 percent of the drivers that could have taken a traffic school course and avoid points on their drivers license actually took a class.

Summary of traffic tickets written in Florida Counties for 2004:

Below we will post traffic ticket information for each of the Florida counties

Hillsborough County Traffic Violations - 271,627

Volusia County Traffic Tickets - 278,430

Palm Beach Speeding Tickets - 360,952

Broward County Traffic Summons - 556,653

Miami Dade County Traffic Tickets - 740,641

Orlando Traffic Tickets - 138,815 Traffic Tickets

Alachua County (Gainesville area) Traffic Tickets - 80,190

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