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More Driving Logs

May 20, 2005 - Getting Your Florida Drivers License

We often are asked if you are 18 years old or older and have never had a drivers license do you still have to get a Florida learners permit? The answer is no. As a first time driver you are required to take the same courses and tests as a new driver under 18 but you can get your operators drivers license whenever you are ready.

Steps to Getting Your License

Many people move to Florida every day from other states and other countries who have never had a drivers license before. Regardless of your age if you are a first time driver the first step to getting your drivers license is to complete a course that teaches you the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving. This is required by the state. Our state of Florida approved course is called DATA, which stands for Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness. Once you complete the DATA course the next step is to study the Florida drivers handbook to prepare for your road signs and road rules test.

Road Signs and Road Rules

Before you can get your Florida drivers license you must pass the written test on road signs and road rules. The test is comprised of forty (40) questions total. Twenty of the questions are on road signs and twenty are on road rules. You must get fifteen (15) correct in each section to pass.

Behind the Wheel Testing

The final step to get your Florida drivers license is to take the Behind the wheel test. You must bring a car to your local DMV office for this test. You will drive with a DMV official who will evaluate you on such things as using your turn signals, changing lanes, stopping, turning, backing up and other maneuvers. The Florida drivers manual explains the behind the wheel test.

Driver Training

Before you go down to the Florida dmv to get your drivers license you will need to practice driving. Drivers under 18 are expected to practice driving for at least 50 hours and 10 hours should be at night. Considering this it may be a good idea to get your learners permit for a few months to practice and then go back to your local DMV to get your full Florida drivers license.

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