Florida DMV

All aspects of your drivers license are centrally managed by the Florida DMV in Tallahassee. This includes the current status of your drivers license, how many points you have and tracking all incidents related to your Florida drivers license.

DMV Offices

Florida DMV offices are located through the state of Florida and provide services such as drivers license testing and auto registration. If you are getting a Florida drivers license or have a drivers license and need assistance the Florida DMV is where you should go.

Clerk of Court

The clerk of court in each Florida county manages the process of traffic ticket payment, case management, and traffic school.

DMV Approved Traffic Schools

The DMV approves traffic schools for Florida traffic citations.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle

When you purchase or sell a vehicle in Florida the DMV manages the title information, lien information and provides all the forms necessary to properly register the information with the State of Florida.


The Florida DMV also manages the registration of all boats and supplies registration stickers displayed on Florida boats.

Traffic Tickets

When you receive a traffic ticket in Florida it is managed by the county where you received the ticket. Payment of your ticket, traffic court, traffic school, and any questions related to your summons should be addressed to the clerk of court in the county that issued your traffic citation.

Florida DMV online

To make DMV services more accessible to all Floridians the Florida DMV has moved many of the services online. Today you can schedule your DMV appointments online, change your address, check the status of our drivers license, and complete traffic school - all online.

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