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First Time Driver - $29.95

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If you are getting your first drivers license or your learners permit you are required by the state of Florida to take a class that teaches you how Alcohol and Drugs effect driving.

The required course is the Florida DATA course. DATA = Drugs, Alcohol, Traffic Awareness and it can be take online.

NOTE: As of Jan 1, 2011 the DMV Test is NOT available online - the is a change implemented by the Florida DMV. All new drivers must take their DMV Test at a DMV Office. This DOES NOT affect the DATA course which is 100% online.

If you are in a rush you can get your certificate via email!

Register for First Time Driver (or read more details below)

Note: $29.95 is your total cost for this class and includes mailing your certificate.

Learner Permit Course Benefits

  • Start Immediately (available 24x7), Retake free until you pass
  • Finish the course all at once or take your time (come and go)
  • Free certificate delivery by first class mail
  • Expedite your certificate via email for $9.95 or overnight via UPS for a nominal fee

First Time Driver (DATA) - $29.95

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Are you getting your learners permit or first driver's license? This course is for you.

DATA = Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness. All first time drivers in Florida are required to take the DATA course.

The DATA course will teach you:

  • How Alcohol and Drugs affect your driving
  • Laws and Responsibilities
  • Safe Driving Techniques

Pass The First Time Program

When you finish your DATA course you will be offered our Pass The First Time program. To make sure you pass your DMV Test at the DMV and don't have to make a second trip to the DMV we recommend you take Pass the First Time - here is what you get:

  • Practice Tests for Roads Signs and Road Rules
  • Prep Course that teaches you everything you need to know
  • As the DMV Examiner - insider tips on the DVM Test
  • Bring the Right ID and Documents - step by step
  • Video Tips
  • Online Appointment System for your DMV Appointment

Note: The D.A.T.A. course is the same as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education.
How does this Work? Read Learners Permit and DMV Test - How it Works

$29.95 is your total cost - when you complete your learner permit traffic school course, you may select to have your traffic school certificate mailed to you at no charge. You can also elect to get it via email for $9.95 or select a faster shipment method. Emails typically arrive within a few minutes but allow up to 2 hours.

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Common Questions about the Florida Learners Permit course

Is your Florida Learners Permit (first time driver) course approved by the state of Florida?
Yes, or learner permit course like all of our traffic school courses is approved in all Florida counties.

How can I get the certificate for my Florida learners permit course
When you complete your learners permit DATA course our system will automatically transmit your completion information to the Florida DMV. To get a copy of your certificate: Traffic School Certificate Options:
First Class Mail - Free
Email - $9.95
UPS Overnight or 2nd day - price determined by your location

How does the email certificate work?
We will generate a PDF file of your traffic school certificate and send you an email with the PDF attached.

In addition to the PDF file which you open and print with Adobe Acrobat the email will include a link to your learners permit certificate.

The goal is for you to print your traffic school certificate so you can take it to the DMV and get your learners permit.

More Questions - go to our florida traffic school help page