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The DMV Test (Permit Test) must be taken by anyone getting their first license in Florida. As of July 6th this test (known as the Permit Test, DMV Test, DMV Exam) can be taken 100% online. You must be under 18 years old to take the DMV Test online.

To get their learners permit quickly and save hours at the DMV, most Students take our Pass the First Time Program. The entire program was created by experts that worked at the DMV for over 15 years - the last thing you want is to fail and have to go back to the DMV a second time.

Take the DMV Test Online and save yourself hours at your local DMV office.Register for DMV test
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Pass your DMV Test the First Time with our Prep Course created by a former DMV ExaminerRegister Pass the First Time
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DMV Test (Florida Learners Permit Exam) 100% online - $28.95

The DMV Test is now available online for those under 18 years old seeking a learners permit.

signup for the DMV Test here.

Here's a summary of how the Online DMV Test Works

  • You can take the test online 3 times only
  • Each time you take the DMV test you will be charged $28.95
  • You must be under 18 years old to take the DMV test online
  • For security you will be asked personal questions before, during, and after the online exam.
  • A parent or guardian must provide a valid drivers license at the beginning of the exam.
  • After you complete your DMV Exam you will be assisted in making an appointment at the DMV
  • Make your appointment online and speed through the DMV

Start the Pass the First Time Program

If you are 18 or older, never had a drivers license, and getting your first Florida drivers license you can do the following:

  • Complete the DATA course
  • Take our DMV Test Preparation Class and Practice Tests
  • Use our system to make your DMV Appointment onilne
  • Take the DMV exam at a Drivers License Office
  • Make an appointment at the DMV to take your driving test
  • Get your florida operators license (full driver license)

Pass Your Permit Test the First Time - $14.95

Singup for the Pass the First Time Program and get started.

Here's a summary of how the Permit Test Preparation Program works:

  • You get 3 months of access to Pass the First Time
  • Take the Permit Exam Preparation Course - written by former DMV Examiner
  • Permit Pratice Tests - know the questions before you take the test
  • Ask the Examiner - insider tips on DMV Tests
  • Bring the right ID and Documents - know the ID and Forms you will need or you'll be turned away at the DMV
  • Watch Video Tips - short videos to help you pass the first time
  • Make your appointment online and speed through the DMV

Start the Pass the First Time Program

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