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DMV Test

State of Florida Approved, $24.95, Fast Certificate Delivery

Most Common Question

I already took my DATA course somewhere else, Can I take the DMV test on your system?

Unfortunately we can only offer the DMV test in combination with the First Time Driver (DATA) course. If you live in a busy county where the DMV is very difficult to get into we suggest you take the DATA course over on our system so you can compelte your DMV test here also. This will save you hours at the DMV.

To get a Learners Permit in Florida you must complete a Learners Permit course (DATA) and Pass the DMV Test. In June 2004 the Florida Department of Highway Safety approved our online DMV Test. Now you can complete all your Learner Permit requirements before you go to the DMV. This will save you hours at the DMV.

The online DMV test is 40 questions - just like the test at the DMV. 20 of the questions are about road signs and 20 of the questions are about road rules. All of the questions are multiple choice. The cost of the DMV Test is $24.95. We suggest you study the Florida drivers handbook before taking the test. In addition there are free practice tests for both road signs and road rules on

How the DMV Test Online Works

When you complete your learners permit course our system will automatically offer the option of taking the DMV test. If you decide not to take it at that time you can log back into our system at any time and take the DMV test. Here is a step by step of how it works.

When you finish your Learner Permit course our system will ask you if you want to take the DMV Exam. You must be 15 years old to take the DMV exam. You can take the DMV exam anytime after midnight on your 15th birthday.

You will be given three (3) Choices as follows:

  1. No, I do not Want to take the DMV Exam
  2. Yes, I Want to take the DMV Exam Now
  3. Yes, I Want to take the DMV Exam Later

Receive Your 4-Hour Drug Alcohol Program Certificate

Your answer to the question "Do you Want to take the DMV exam online" will determine when your certificate is mailed.

If you answer No, we will mail your DATA certificate within one business day

If you answer Yes (2 or 3) we will delay mailing your certificate for three (3) days. The assumption is that you will take your DMV Exam within three days and we can send you one certificate with both your DATA course and DMV exam information.

If after three days you have not taken the DMV exam we will automatically mail your certificate from our Orlando office.

Expedite Your Certificate

When you complete your Learners Permit DATA course you will be offered several expedite options including email delivery and options for UPS delivery. Remember that we will send your certificate via regular mail for no charge from our Orlando office.

The DMV Test is offered in Combination with the Learners Permit course To take the DMV test online you must take your learners permit course on We receive calls from many students who have taken their Learners permit course on another system and want to take their DMV test with us. Note that few traffic schools are authorized by the state to administer the DMV test online. Traffic schools in California and other out of state traffic schools are not typically authorized to administer the Florida DMV test.

Unfortunately we cannot offer the DMV test stand alone. You can take the Learners Permit course over on our system and many students do. Especially those that live in busier Florida cities like Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and students that live anywhere in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, and Duval county. Decide if you'd rather spend the 4 hours at the DMV or take the Learners Permit course on our system and spend the time at home.

DMV Test Q & A

Question: When can I take the DMV test?

When you are 15 and have completed the learners permit course on our system

Question: Is the DMV Test open book?

No, you are given 50 seconds for each question - know your stuff and it is not difficult.