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DMV Exam Q & A

Anyone getting their first drivers license or learner permit in Florida is required to complete the DATA course (Drug and Alcohol course) and the Florida DMV test. The DMV exam is now available online and will save you hours at your local DMV office. Hundreds of new drivers are taking the DMV exam online every week. Following are common questions related to the online DMV Exam.

If you are 18 years old or older you cannot take the DMV test online - this is a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles rule'

Announcement: As of 12/31/10, the state of Florida is discontinuing online driver's license exams. Anyone who doesn't complete their D.A.T.A. course and license exam by 12/31/10 will be required to take the test Portion in person at a Florida driver's license office - Tell Your Friends

Can I just take the DMV exam online if I already took the DATA (drug, alcohol, traffic awareness) course somewhere else?

No. The state of Florida requires that the online version of the DMV exam only be offered in combination with the DATA course. You can only take the DVM exam online from the same school where you took the DATA course.

Once you compelte your DATA course our system will offer you the option of taking the DMV exam online.

Do all traffic schools offer the DVM test online?

No, only certain traffic schools are authorized to offer the DMV exam online.

Why should I take the DMV test online?

By taking the DMV exam online you will save hours of waiting at the DMV. Even if you already completed the DATA course in a classroom you may consider taking it over so you can complete the DMV exam online.

If I pass the DMV test online how does the state of Florida know I have passed it?

When you pass your DMV exam online two things occur. Our system automatically transmits your information to the State of Florida. Your local DMV office will look up this information.

In addition, we will send you a certificate showing that you passed your Road Signs and Road Rules test.

What is the Florida DMV test?

The DMV exam (or test) is a 40 question test. It consists of two sections - 20 questions on Road Signs and 20 questions on Road Rules.

The Florida DMV exam tests you for the basic knowledge to be a safe and competent driver.

Who must take DMV test?

Anyone getting their learner permit or first drivers license in Florida must take the DMV exam.

How can I take the Florida DVM test?

There are two ways you can take the DMV exam - at your local DMV office or online in combination with the DATA (Drug and Alcohol) course.

What does the DMV test cost?

The online DMV exam costs $19.95. If you do not pass the test a retake costs $19.95.

The DMV Exam costs $20 at your local DMV office.

Do I still have to pay the $20 at the local DVM office to get my learners permit if I take the DMV test online?

Yes, the DMV will always charge you $20 to get your drivers license (or learners permit). So if you take the DMV test online you are paying an extra $19.95 but saving 2 to 4 hours.

For more information, read about the learners permit course and DMV test , or Learners Permit - How it Works.

Drive Safe, Florida Drivers Association