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Cell Phones Distract Drivers

There is an ongoing debate whether drivers talking on their cell phones cause traffic accidents. It seems pretty obvious that anything that distracts a driver from driving can cause accidents. Eating, reading, and putting on makeup can be seen regularly on Florida roads. So far, Florida has no law that makes it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving.

European Countries Ban Cell Phones for Drivers

Many countries in Europe have banned talking on a cell phone while driving. Countries such as the UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and Finland have bans and will fine you for talking on your cell phone if your car is moving or even stopped at a traffic light. They want you in park. Most of the United States does not have such a ban with the exception of a few states.

New York and New Jersey Ban Cell Phones for Drivers

Only two US states New York and New Jersey and the District of Columbia have banned drivers from talking on cell phones. The Fine in New Jersey is up to $250. This seems fairly arbitrary to us. If you are going to fine drivers for specifically talking on a cell while driving it would be fair to fine them for any activity that distracts. The aforementioned eating, reading, and putting on makeup should also make the list.

Australian Study Proves Cell Phones Cause Accidents

Until recently there was no definitive study on the topic of traffic accidents caused by cell phones. In most US states law enforcement has no box to check on traffic citations to indicate a cell phone was the cause. The lack of data has prevented most states from enacting legislation. But a study done in Australia does claim to prove a direct link between traffic accidents and cell phone usage.

The most interesting thing about the study is that it found those talking with hands free setups were just as likely to cause an accident. The bottom line of the study is that talking on a cell phone distracts you. And anything that distracts you while driving puts you and other drivers in danger.

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