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Car Seat Covers

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Car Seat Covers

This is for those of you that take care of your car. You get it washed every week or so and get a good detailing twice a year. If your car has "wash me" written in dirt on it then you probably aren't worried about keeping your seats looking new.

We recently sold a four year old Ford F150 SuperCrew - the very popular four door Ford pickup. It was a great truck and only had 38,000 miles. The paint and body looked virtually perfect except for a few nicks. What disappointed us were the leather seats. The drivers seat was visibly worn. You'd think that a truck with 38,000 miles would not show dramatic wear on leather seats but the drivers seat really looked old, cracked, and worn out. So we decided to look into car seat covers for our replacement vehicle.

Find Your Seat Covers on AutoAnyting.com

We searched around and found that AutoAnyting has a great selection of car seat covers.

Plush and comfortable Oxford Velour Seat Covers

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter 3 Star Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers

Wet bathing suits and sand are no problem with Hawaiian Print Seat Covers

Machine washable SeatSaver Seat Covers are affordable, easy to install, and feel great.

Covering Your Seats

Seat covers come in many different fabrics. Classic sheepskin , tweed, leather, velour, and our favorite neoprene are a few examples. The neoprene car seat covers are water proof and made of high quality wetsuit material.

JC Whitney has an excellent selection with clear pictures. Depending on your selection the car seat covers will either fit tight and conform to your car seat shape or slip on and foot loosely. Many of the brands are machine washable. If you have a new car and can afford it, get form fitting leather or neoprene seat covers. They are expensive but will look and feel like quality. They will be in the $400 to $600 range for your entire car but that is cheap compared with replacing a seat. And a few years from now you can just replace them.

For older cars, seat covers are a great way to dramatically improve your cars look and feel. Car seat covers will revive those old seats and make them feel good also. A pair of inexpensive car seat covers can be as little as $59.