High Tech Car Keys

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If you have a newer car there is a good chance your car key is smart. A smart car key includes a chip that makes it very difficult to copy. With these smart car keys you can’t just walk into an Ace Hardware and get a copy made. In most cases your only choice is the car dealer.

Better Car Security

New high tech car keys offer much better security but what happens if you get locked out of your car? Say you’re on a trip, at a resort and you lock your keys in the trunk. With a regular old car key you can just call a locksmith. But with a high tech car key you’re out of luck. Even if there was a car dealer in town they are typically not open when you need them.

Locksmiths Need Codes

The problem of lock outs has become so wide spread that some states are considering forcing car makers to provide 24 hour a day service. But the car makers are coming up with their own solution. They are creating a certification program that requires locksmiths to get approved in order to get access to the high tech key information.

No Car Key

In the near future your car may have no key. New keyless cars require that you carry a FOB in your pock. A FOB is a small token –typically with a plastic or rubber outside that includes a unique ID. As you approach your car it reads the ID and allows you to open the door and start the car just by pushing a button. FOB should cut down on lockouts since you don’t have to take them out of your pocket.

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