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Broward County Traffic Ticket Report Card 2004

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Broward County Traffic Tickets

Broward County issued 550,000 traffic tickets for criminal and civil traffic infractions in 2004. Speeding tickets were the most common traffic ticket with over 134,000. Close to one-third of the traffic tickets were for speeding totaling 117,222. The second most common moving traffic infraction was failure to yield right of way with 31,949 tickets.

The Florida Drivers Association has just completed their analysis of the 2004 citation statistics prepared by the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles, Division of Drivers Licenses, Bureau of Records. The three main law enforcement agencies that issue tickets in Broward County are the City Police departments of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Sheriff Officers, and Florida Highway Patrol. The City Police wrote the majority of traffic tickets approximately 56 percent of the total moving infractions issued.

70 Percent Miss Traffic School

Approximately 70 percent of those eligible to attend traffic school did not. These Florida drivers would benefit by avoiding points on their drivers license and keep their safe driver status if applicable. In addition, according to Florida Statute 318.14, auto insurance companies cannot increase your rate when traffic school is completed.

Traffic tickets summary written in Broward County for 2004:

Total Violations Issued: 740,641

  • Speeding: 134,533
  • Careless Driving: 21,969
  • Failure to Yield of Right of Way: 31,949
  • Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License: 20,789
  • DUI (driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs): 6,821

Complete statistics for Broward County 2004 traffic tickets.

Florida DMV Point System

Once a Florida driver receives 12 points in 12 months, their drivers license will be suspended.

About Florida Drivers Association

The Florida Drivers Association provides online driver education courses that have been taken by more than 2 million Florida drivers. Drivers who have taken these courses have shown significant reductions in traffic collisions, alcohol-related and fatal crashes. The courses are approved by the Florida DMV for all 67 counties in Florida. More information can be found on

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