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If you get a speeding ticket or other moving violation in the state of Arkansas you will typically receive points on your license. Points range from 3 for speeding up to 10 MPH over the limit to 8 points for reckless driving. If you acquire 14 points or more a suspension hearing may be scheduled to discuss your driving privledges. In this situation your drivers licednse will likely be suspended or revoked. But you have some options.

Many courts in Arkansas will allow you to take a traffic school course to avoid the points. You will need to contact the court where you received your ticket to get permission to take advantage of the Arkansas Point or Insurance Reduction Program. This program allows Arkansas drivers to complete a driver education course to avoid points or save money on their auto insurance.

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Arkansas Traffic School course

All the Traffic School Courses we recommend meet these standards:

  • The Lowest Price -- Courses starting at $14.99
  • State Approved -- Reviewed and Approved by the State
  • Fast and Reliable Certificate Delivery with Expedite Options
  • Flexible - Finish the course all at once or take your time (come and go)

The traffic school courses (including Arkansas) we recommend are all online and can be completed on your schedule. No longer do you have to spend hours in a hotel. Complete your traffic school from home, on your schedule and protect your drivers license and auto insurance.

Arkansas Driver License Resources

Following are some useful resources for Arkansas Drivers.

Arkansas Office of Driver Services

Arkansas Government

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