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Defensive Driving Adventures

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April 7, 2005 - Are You an Agressive Driver?

You hear the term aggressive driver on the news and our courses all address aggressive behavior but do you really know what aggressive driving is? The answer many surprise you.

In 2003 over 13,000 Florida drivers were cited for aggressive driving. If you (or someone you know) do the following when they drive they are considered an aggressive driver - and are likely going to cause an accident and injuries. Speeding - especially faster than the rest of surrounding traffic is aggressive and dangerous. Weaving in and out of traffic is a clear sign of aggressive driving, and finally my favorite - pushing your way through traffic. This is the act of following cars very closely (because they are in your way) with the intent of getting past them.

Aggressive equals Stupid

Like most conditions, recognizing the problem is the first step. If you are displaying any of the aggressive driving behaviors consider this. Statistics show you are not going to get anywhere faster, Cars will not move out of your way, in fact they will typically drive a little slower as opposed to speeding up. The official definition of aggressive driving is "a driver who forces his (or her) way ahead in traffic by engaging in reckless and dangerous driving maneuvers".

Other signs of aggressive driving are anger, impatience, competitiveness, and vindictiveness. Some of these are good traits if you are a professional wrestler - but for driving they are considered negatives. Specific things aggressive drivers do including running red lights, improper passing, passing on the right, not yielding to other drivers, and running a stop sign. Drive like this and you're more likely than other drivers to get into an accident. Even worse if you are cited for aggressive driving, a judge may order you to take an aggressive driver course - which is 8 hours and must be completed in a classroom. So if you continue to drive this way you're not being smart.

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