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Defensive Driving Adventures

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April 11, 2005 - Slam on Those ABS Brakes

Many cars today have anti lock brakes (ABS) but most drivers don't really know how to use them. Let's say you're cruising on the highway at 60 MPH and all of the sudden there is a 5 car pile up in front of you. You need to stop. Most drivers assume they should not slam on the brakes.

If you have ABS brakes they are designed to be slammed on hard if necessary. Unlike older brake technology that could easily lock up and send the car sliding, ABS relies on a computer to keep the wheels from locking up and breaking loose. Sure it's possible to break any car lose if you try hard enough but ABS brakes are designed to be stomped on and not pumped like brakes of old.

If your car has ABS take it somewhere like an empty parking lot and try them out. At different speeds step on the brakes hard - all the way. You'll be surprised how well the car reacts and still handles well. You can even turn the car with the brakes fully depressed. If you don't have ABS consider it an important feature with any new car purchase.

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