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Dodge trucks and pickups have more flexibility than other vehicle types. A Dodge truck's versatility lets you carry heavy loads of cargo, tow trailers or boats, and even pile your family inside comfortably.

Research the different options on Dodge trucks below from features, options, pricing, and independent reviews.

Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks

The Dodge Ram truck is a full-size pickup with many options. Dodge Ram 1500 has a choice of three engines and cab sizes. The Dodge Ram 2500/3500 series are built for durability, hard work, and off-roading. The Dodge Ram SRT10 truck is powered with the Dodge Viper V10 engine and come a regular cab or a quad cab option.

Dodge Dakota Trucks

Boasting a V-8 engine yet affordable, the Dodget Dakota truck is a versatile truck. Many options are available for the Dodge Dakota truck. If you need a pickup truck that's useful and for a family, the quad cab option is four doors with a full second seat for comfortable seating for five (5).

Reviews on Dodge Trucks

Read up on the latest reviews on the Dodge RAM and Dakota trucks. The Dodge Truck reviews include truck comparisons, interior / exterior reviews, options, features, and test drives. You can also get Dodge truck quotes, auto insurance quotes, and more on this website covering Dodge trucks.

Dodge compact trucks are easier to park, get better fuel economy, and are less expensive than the full-size trucks. The full-sized Dodge trucks have roomy interiors, bigger engines, and larger load-carrying and towing capabilities. Four door crew-cab models can seat up to five people which is great for a family.

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