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Chevrolet started selling their first car in 1911. Then in 1918, Chevrolet rolled out its first truck, the Model 490 Light Delivery chassis cowl. Chevy's first truck was rated for 1,000 lb. capacity and was priced at $595. Customers had to buy their own cab and body from independent body makers to add onto this Chevy truck.

Chevy trucks have become durable utility vehicles and Chevy carries a range of models from the classy vintage look of the Chevy SSR truck to its robust Avalanche model. Below are online Chevy Truck resources for owners and enthusiasts.

Chevy Trucks Online

All the Chevy trucks are listed here on the official Chevrolet site. You can build and price a Chevy truck or get a quote and find a vehicle in your area.

4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine

Great articles on the latest 4 wheels and SUVs including Chevy Trucks. They cover 4 wheel adventures and clubs.

The Avalanche Chevy Truck

Chevy's high end truck, the Avalanche, is called the ultimate utility vehicle by Chevy. Read up on the Avalanche and its specifications, warranty, standard, and optional accessories.

Chevy Silverado Truck

A full-size truck with several model options from half-ton and hybrid to the 3500 series.

Chevy's Colorado Truck

This mid-sized truck comes with a V-6 engine and options for regular, extended, and crew cab.

From the ultimate utility truck, Chevy's Avalanche to the latest in vintage looks, the Chevy SSR, Chevy has many models and options to choose from. Be sure to review the specifications and options to best match your needs.

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