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These days there are dozens of car dealers selling Ford, Chevy, GM, Toyota, Honda and many other car brands.

The Auto Guide has put together a list of resources to make it easy to find a car dealer in your city or town.

Internet Auto Guide

here you will find a comprehensive list of car dealers - you can search by your state or by car make from Acura to Volvo. lets you search for a car dealer by selecing a make, model and entering your zip code. You can also browse a list of car dealers by state.

NADA Guides

NADA is an excellent resource. Here you can find a new car, classic car, motorcycle, boat, and much more.

If you are looking to save some serious money on your next car consider a certified pre-owned car. Many car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and others sell preowned cars and give you a great warranty. Check with your local car dealer to see if they sell certified pre-owned cars and make sure you get a warranty.

By researching your new car online you may find that a dealer not in local area will give you the lowest price.

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