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If you have your eye on a classic or antique car you have a few decisions to make. Will you buy your classic car already restored or will you do the work yourself? If you love to work on cars then restoring a classic car can be very rewarding. If you just want to drive a classic Chevy, Buick, Ford, Mercury, or other American classic car then you have lots of sources to hunt for your dream car.

The Automotive Depot lists top-rated Classic Car websites for you to find the best selection of classic and antique cars.

Classics and Customs

Online ads for classic cars and trucks that are placed by individuals selling their cars. Many classic cars including Bugatti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Cobra, Cooper, Desoto, Packard, Mercury, Lincoln, and more.

Buy Classic Cars

Not just cars for sale. Buy Classic Cars has resources for dealers, brokers, and lists of auction houses and online auctions. Unique offerings include how to rent a classic, classic car magazines, and car clubs.

Collector Cars For Sale

Photos lots of photos of everything from a 1973 Chevy and 1957 Ford to a 1967 Firebird and 1969 Corvette. You can place an add for as little as $20 and upload 10 photos of your car.

Before you plunk down your cash for a classic car you may want to consider getting the car appraised first. Classic car appraisers don't just tell you the value of a classic or antique car they also do a detailed inspection and report on any big problems you may encounter that could be costly.