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If you are considering buying a used or a certified pre-owned car comparing prices online with reputable car dealers is your best bet. Most car dealers offer pre-owned certified cars that have been inspected and come with a warranty to ensure you're buying a used car that will last with no problems. Buying a used car off a lot to save money without an inspection or warranty may cost will most likely cost you more than you've bargained for. Don't waste your money.

This Auto Guide has listed the top resources online to buy a used car.

Cars Direct

The Cars Direct Used Channel helps connect buyers to thousands of used cars throughout the country. You can research prices, features and the closest dealer with the car you want. You can also inquire about your trade-ins, certified pre-owned, and warranties.

Edmunds is a reputable independent resource that provides True Market Value pricing, unbiased car reviews, ratings, and advice on how to buy a used car. Edmunds offers online price and rating reviews on all makes and models including used and certified pre-owned vehicles.


If you ready to buy a used car, Autobytel is an excellent resource for researching vehicles by car make, category, and price. They offer views of Kelley Blue Book values, certified pre-owned programs and information on comparing certified programs.

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You can easily search on used or pre-owned certified cars by model, make, year, price and then enter your zip code. This website quickly brings up a selection of cars for you to choose from. You can also view the Kelley Blue Book value of a car.

We've all heard horror stories on buying used cars. The multiple offerings of certified pre-owned cars is on the rise to ensure your vehicle is of quality and has warranty offerings that benefit you. When buying a used car don't waste your money, make sure you only work with reputable used car or certified pre-owned car companies.