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The 511 on Traffic

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November 28 , 2005 - Florida Traffic Conditions

It's that time of year - the time when millions hit the road for a visit to friends and relatives around Florida. Taking a road trip can be fun especially if you can avoid traffic accidents, road closures, heavy congestion and other things that impair your ability keep moving. Now you can avoid all these things.

Before you leave your house go to the Florida 511 Travel Information service. You can check conditions on Florida highways and roads online and as you travel you can dial into the system with your cell phone to keep up with changing highway conditions.

Traffic Conditions Online

The online system lets you click on traffic conditions, construction, weather and even traffic cameras so you can see exactly what is going on. The weather system allows you to select a city and get instant temperature, wind conditions, and if it's raining.

This holiday season get the 511 on Florida traffic online or by dialing 511 on your cell phone.

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