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You are Here:  Traffic School »  Florida Driving Blogs »  2006 Driving Resolutions

2006 Driving Resolutions

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January 1, 2006 - Worst Driving of 2005

As another year begins lets take a look back at the most annoying, idiotic, and dangerous driving habits we witnessed in 2005. Many of these driving nuisances can be seen daily on Florida roads and highways being executed by otherwise level headed people who somehow transform into raging lunatics when they get behind the wheel.

Number 1 - Pushing

You're driving along on on I95, the Turnpike or some other highway at or even slightly above the speed limit. A car comes up behind you like they are going ram right into your rear end. They want you to move. The driver stays a few feet off your bumper occasionally flashing their lights, or poking out to the left or right just to make sure you know they want you to move.

This driver has watched too many NASCAR races, has had way too many Starbucks, or maybe forgot to take their medication. Regardless, get out of their way and hope that they have a close encounter with the Florida Highway Patrol, Sheriffs Department or local Police.

Number 2 - Bob and Weave

Passing a car by changing lanes with plenty of open road is one thing but swooping in and out of lanes is down right moronic. Florida Traffic Laws call this reckless driving. It's reckless because you are very likely to cause an accident. As you blast from lane to lane in between cars you are betting that no one will slow down, change lanes or speed up. Sometimes you are luck other times you cause a 5 car pile up. Try laying off the video games and maybe get a pet to calm yourself.

Number 3 - Just Speeding

At this point speeding alone seems pretty tame but it's the primary cause of accidents. Sure you think you are a great driver and maybe you are. But you can't control what everyone else on the road will do. Will a dog or cat run out, will another car or motorcycle pull out in front of you? Your chances of having a serious accident go way up if you are speeding.

Here are two simple suggestions for 2006 to make the road safer for all of us.

Start Earlier

Start your entire schedule a little earlier. Go to sleep a little earlier - this has many benefits. First of all lack of sleep can cause obesity. By sleeping more you can lose weight and wake up refreshed.

Leave Earlier

By leaving 10 or 20 minutes earlier you can slow down, listen to some music and dramatically decrease the chance that you will feel the need to drive like a homicidal maniac. This can many your entire day a lot more pleasant. Do this on a daily basis and you're entire year will be much more enjoyable. Happy New Year!

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