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1 Day Traffic School

We know that traffic school doesn't top your list of important things to get done. How do we know this? Many students wait until the last few days or the very last day of their deadline with the clerk of court. We get this phone call several times a day. "Today is my deadline, is there anyway I can finish the course today?" The answer is yes.

The course will take you four hours total. If you are not in a rush you can spread it out over days or weeks - finish it on your schedule. But if you've got to get it done today and get your certificate today we have designed the system to meet your needs. As soon as you finish the course we will record the date and time of your completion. This is important as many clerks of court traffic departments are looking for that completion date to meet your deadline. Next our system will ask you how you wish to receive your certificate.

Get your Certificate Fast

The State of Florida has approved our email delivery of your certificate. By selecting Email delivery (and paying an extra $9.95) you are instructing our system to create a PDF document of your certificate and email it to you as a attachment. PDF documents are commonly used for legal purposes because they include security features that allow us to control what you can do with the document. In this case we allow you to view and print your traffic school certificate.

The certificate delivered by email and printed by you is exactly the same as we would print it. We print the certificates with ink jets or laser printers and they include a bar code. So if you wait until the last minute, don't panic. Finish the course as fast as you can, order email delivery of your certificate and get into the clerk of court. Then sit back and relax you're done with traffic school.

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