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Florida 12 Hour Traffic School - $99

Advanced Driver Improvement - 100 percent online, No Classroom

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Complete your 12 hour traffic school online and get your certificate via email! The Florida 12 hour Advanced Driver Improvement course meets the court and county requirements to complete an ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement) 12 hour Florida traffic school course. This course is approved in all Florida counties.

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12 Hour Traffic School Details

Florida 12 hour traffic school is also known as Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI). This course is usually taken by Florida drivers who have received 12 points in 12 months on their drivers license. In addition, this course is for Habitual Traffic Offenders.

When you complete this course, in most cases the court will issue you a hardship license that allows you to drive to and from work.

Florida 12 hour Traffic School Benefits

  • Start Immediately (available 24x7)
  • Finish the course in 2 six hour sessions or take your time (come and go)

If you have had your license suspended for 12 points in 12 months this is the course you should take. By completing this 12 hour course you can apply for a florida hardship license.

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A big benefit of our 12 hour traffic school coures is that you can login and out completing the course on your schedule.

When you complete your ADI course, you may select to have your traffic school certificate mailed to you at no charge. You can also elect to get it via email for $9.95 or select a faster shipment method. Emails typically arrive within a few minutes but allow up to 2 hours.

Common Questions about 12 Hour Traffic School

How do I know I am signing up for the correct traffic school course?

If a judge ordered you to take a Advanced Driver Improvement course or 12 Hour traffic school course then this is the course for you. 12 Hour traffic school is also taken because you have been deemed a habitual traffic offender (HTO).

If you are looking for a course for a DUI violation or Agressive Driving violoation then this is NOT the correct course.

How long does this traffic school course take to complete?

The course will take 12 hours but you do not have to do all 12 hours at once.

How does the email certificate work?

We will generate a PDF file of your traffic school certificate and send you an email with the PDF attached.

In addition to the PDF file which you open and print with Adobe Acrobat the email will include a link to your traffic school certificate.

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